Sliding head Technology

Sliding head machines were originally designed to automatically produce very intricate parts of a watch. Even though sliding head machines were meant to contribute greatly to the watch industry, they have proven to be indispensable when it comes to many other applications in the industrial field.

What is a Sliding Head Machine For?

A sliding head turning machine specialises in very small components, with diameter size that is usually smaller than 32 mm. These small components are manufactured very productively and on a large scale.

What does it look like?

A sliding head machine is a big machine that:

  • Has a number of axes.

  • Has both front end and back end machining.

  • Has its own set of turning tools.

  • Has both drilling tools and other similar tools.

How does a Sliding Head Machine Work?

A sliding head machine works through this method:

  • The material slides through what is called a guide bush.

  • It is then rotated through a second spindle, which in turn pushes it through the guide bush.

By using a sliding head machine, you can be sure that you are guaranteed with the following:

Accuracy – using a sliding head machine ensures that that parts you produce are precise, with a superb finish. No need to rely on the skills of a machinist, as the machine itself is already programmed to produce excellent products without worrying about uniformity. Its work is as accurate as possible and totally reliable.

Speed – having a machine to operate continuously makes sure that your profit is secured. Aside from this, you can also count on meeting deadlines without having to think about work quality and quantity.

On the Road To Infinity and Beyond

If you look – the signs are all around you.

Something that has happened many times before but never on a global scale .

Its going to happen at some point and its almost a mathematical certainty

Stock markets around the world are booming and yet the that has nothing to do with the economic fundamentals.  The reality is that the economies have massive debt and increasing deficits so why would they hit all time highs?

Throughout history this has shown to be a possible sign of imminent hyperinflation. Its called the Crack up boom (coined by the famous austrian economist Ludwig von Mises). People borrow money and buy anything because they know the money they owe will worth less than it is now at some point in the future. Zimbabwe had a stock market that doubled every few weeks (when measured in zimbabwe dollars) and it looks to me as though Japan is going to go first with the rest of the world to follow.
Japanese debt is enormous and is accelerating. The Japanese bond market is collapsing and soon the bonds will be totally worthless.

However all is not lost. Gold and Silver are down  – possibly as people have rushed to the dollar to get away from the collapsing yen and some manipulation in the paper market by the bullion banks. You have one last chance to buy some at a decent price and take delivery of it. The next move is up …….to infinity and beyond!  Go get some now before its too late.

Beer and 5-axis machines

Thankyou Kevin and Peter at Geo kingsbury and all the people at Hermle for the awesome trip around the Hermle factory in Germany. It was certainly a showpiece for German engineering and efficiency. They certainly have a world beating product line and the culture to go with it. Wish we did more of this sort of thing in the UK. Incredibly a few miles down the road they are brewing the what must be best beer in the world. Six pints and no hangover – Is there nothing the Germans cannot do?  I sometimes wonder why I still live in UK.