Sliding Head Turning Services Nottingham

HPC have supplied components to many safety critical industries for many years - such as train braking systems and fire suppression systems. Because all of our productions are subjected to strict in-process sampling and final inspections we’re able to craft to mission-critical dimensions which are automatically recorded and stored in a database at various stages of production. Our multi-axis machines are able to cut components between Xmm and Xmm diameter and a maximum length of Xmm.

Our CNC Turning Services

Based in Nottingham, we are central to the UK for efficient distribution to all major cities and a speedy turnaround. Our quality and precision of work has gained us ISO9002 certification meaning you can trust us to create mission critical parts for the most strenuous industrial applications.Our inspection equipment is among the most up-to-date available today. For example, we use a VICIVISION Video Inspection System, enabling us to perform fully automated and highly detailed inspection than possible using manual methods. This equipment is guaranteed to +/- 3micron accuracy.


What is CNC Turning?

CNC is short for ‘Computer Numerical Control’ and refers to the technology which allows us to connect high tech computer design technology to traditional lathe machines. The process of turning refers to bars of material which are held in a chuck and rotated while a number of cutting tools remove different shapes from the piece. This is often called ‘subtraction machining’.

The starting material is usually round, but other shapes can also be turned including hexagon or square -the maximum length of which is determined by the bar feeder, an attachment which often determines how much manual handling is used to ‘feed’ the machine.

We have a number of different machines, each with unique tooling fixtures which are all able to be programmed to cut out some of the more complex shapes required.

What is sliding head turning?

Sliding head CNC machines are similar in many ways to their older, more basic counterparts, that enable a solid piece of material to be machined. The revolutionary sliding-head mechanism allows a secondary process meaning the material can be simultaneously shaped, cut, bored, milled, tapped, cross-drilled, broached or screw-cut. The machining of the secondary process is handled on the rear spindle, whilst the next component is being made on the main spindle, thus halving the cycle times in many instances when compared to a fixed head CNC machine. Our Citizen sliding head machines are low frequency, high efficiency which means we


Our Turning Machinery

With a total of 45 CNC machines we are one of the largest subcontractors in the east midlands. With millions of pounds worth of investment in the very latest CNC technology machines means whatever your requirements we should be able to machine it efficiently with high quality, high precision at a competitive price.

Machines include Citizen, Nakamura & Puma models. Our full capacity list can be seen here.

10 reasons to use HPC

Decades of machining experience
Millions of pounds invested in new technology
Same day UK shipping
Next day international shipping
Stock holding as standard
Machined to the highest quality
Rapid turnaround
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Capacity for small quantity orders
Capacity for huge quantity orders