Fixed Head CNC Turning

We combine outstanding production facilities with highly skilled staff to deliver exceptional service to our customers. We manufacture parts using CNC turning machines that offer cutters that can be guided in multiple angles and many tool shapes can be used, allowing us to create high volume, complex components in a one-hit operation.

Our CNC turning machines are overseen by our talented Precision Engineering Team, whose combined skills and knowledge ensure the highest standards of CNC turning are maintained at all times. All of our lathes in our CNC Turning cell are geared with front and side-powered face-driven tools and can turn up to 12" diameter.


What is CNC Turning & How Does It Differ from CNC Milling?

The term ‘CNC’ is an abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control - a modern system which allows complex designs to be input into a computer and translated to an electrical lathe in order to create components repeatedly and at high speed.

In CNC turning, a metal bar is fed into the lathe and rotates at speed while a single-point cutting tool removes portions of the metal in what is often referred to as ‘subtractive manufacturing’, to create the desired shape. Milling is slightly different in that the metal or raw material usually remains still while the multi-point tools rotate around it.

What CNC Turning Capacity Do We Have?

Combining a fleet of 11 sliding head and 6 fixed head lathes, HPC Services Ltd offer a complete machining solution in addition to their core operations, including CNC Milling and component stockholding.


10 reasons to use HPC

Decades of machining experience
Millions of pounds invested in new technology
Same day UK shipping
Next day international shipping
Stock holding as standard
Machined to the highest quality
Rapid turnaround
ISO 9001:2015 certified
Capacity for small quantity orders
Capacity for huge quantity orders