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sliding head lathe cnc turning

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if your question isn't answered below or you require further assistance.

  • What size of component can you manufacture?
    We can machine turned parts between 1mm and 250mm long with a maximum weight of approximately 15kg. Our milling machines can accommodate anything up to 900mm in length, however components are generally much smaller unless it is a 'plate' type of part. Our five axis machines have a machining envelope of approximately 300mm cubed.
  • What is your lead time?
    Lead times vary depending upon the complexity of the component, our current workload and raw material availability. We aim to fulfil our customers requirements as a priority, so if you need a quick turnaround we will do our best to achieve this. For example, we may already have material in stock and produce parts overnight for next day delivery.
  • What batch size do you manufacture?
    We can manufacture any batch size and the cost per unit will vary accordingly. An economical batch size for a CNC machine would usually start at 100+ components or 1000+ for a sliding head lathe.
  • What tolerances can you achieve?
    On a CNC machine we can usually achieve 0.01mm repeatability (10 microns). The same can be achieved on a CNC sliding head lathe. Any component requiring more accuracy would be ground to tolerance.
  • What tolerances can you measure to?
    Realistically we can measure 2-3 microns of a diameter or bore.
  • What format of component drawing do you accept?
    We accept hard copy and e-mailed drawings or solid models in many formats including PDF(*.pdf), IGES(*.igs), DXF(*.dxf), Parasolid(*.x_t), SolidEdge(*.par) and SOLIDWORKS(*SLDPRT).
  • I need CNC milling only - do I order from Hemlock Engineering or HPC Services?
    If you require turned components only, please order direct with HPC Services. If you require other milled components, additional operations on components or a mixture of milled and turned components that you require stockholding on, then please order with Hemlock Engineering. If you're not sure, please contact either company for assistance.
  • Can I call off components over a period of time?
    Yes, we are happy to hold stock on your behalf subject to negotiated conditions. We usually require order coverage for any machining run we do and would also require stock to be taken within a reasonable pre-agreed time period. There is no additional charge for entering into a stock agreement and because it allows us to run a larger batch quantity, we may be able to offer reduced component prices.
  • What are your payment terms?
    If you are an established business we are usually able to offer an immediate 30 day credit account with an agreed limit after a quick online credit check. In the absence of a credit check we require the first shipment of goods to be paid pro forma. Credit terms can usually be negotiated so please contact us for assistance. All outstanding amounts to be paid by bank transfer or cheque.
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