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cnc turned parts for watermist nozzle

Combining the latest technology and engineering expertise to produce the perfect component.


What is CNC Turning?

CNC is short for 'Computer Numerical Control' and refers to the technology which allows us to connect high-tech computer design technology to a traditional lathe.  The process of turning refers to bars of material, held in a chuck and rotated, whilst a number of cutting tools remove different shapes from the piece.  This is sometimes referred to as 'subtraction machining'.  

The raw material is usually round, but other shapes can be turned, including hexagonal or square, the maximum length of which is determined by the bar feeder.  This is an automated loading accessory used in high volume turning production.  All of our lathes are equipped with bar feeds to deliver the raw material to the machine tools for extended periods of time, saving the machine operator from having the load the machine manually.

HPC have a number of different CNC lathes, each with unique tooling fixtures which can all be programmed to cut complex shapes to precision, cost effectively, over and over again.

Sliding Head CNC Turning

Sliding head CNC lathes are similar in many ways to their older, more basic counterparts which enable a solid piece of material to be machined.  However, unlike traditional lathes, sliding head machines slide the material bar towards the cutting tool through a synchronously driven guide bush.  This allows the component to be supported directly at the cutting point increasing machining rigidity resulting in consistent highly accurate CNC turned parts from a reduced operation time.  Most sliding head CNC lathes are also fitted with a sub-spindle and rear tools which allow back-working to be done simultaneously.  The revolutionary sliding head mechanism allows a secondary process, meaning the material can be simultaneously shaped, cut, bored, milled, tapped, cross-drilled, broached or screw-cut.  The machining of the secondary process is handled on the rear spindle, whilst the next component is machined on the main spindle, therefore halving the cycle times in many instances.  

sliding head cnc lathe turning facility

Sliding Head CNC Turning Facility

  • 10 Citizen Sliding Head CNC Lathes

  • Precision CNC Turned Parts up to 32mm Diameter

  • Low and High Volume Production Runs

  • Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) Technology

  • CNC Milling and CNC Turning Capability for one-hit Production

  • In-cycle De-burring of Hard to Reach Areas for Quality and Precision Finish

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