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cnc precision turned parts in stockholding area

Process, Production Control and Efficiency

From incoming enquiry to final despatch components are tracked, controlled and documented using our own bespoke ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system 'Route Manager'.  Developed over several years this software has a fully integrated electronic T-Card system to track every process. Each stage of manufacture is recorded to ensure all required operations are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.  Production process documentation is available, including Certificates of Conformity, raw material traceability and inspection records.  We also offer stockholding agreements for instant call off/Kanban for reduced lead times and lower costs.  Our production processes are our commitment to providing a responsive, reliable service to our clients.

route manager erp system screenshot

Route Manager Software for Full Tracking and Traceability

All components are tracked, controlled and documented using our 'Route Manager' ERP production system from incoming enquiry to final despatch

Control Plan/Operation Process produced for each component ensuring all operations are fully completed in the correct order

All levels of traceability and documentation can be provided including Certificates of Conformity, Raw Material Traceability/Mill Certs and Inspection Records

Component information is accepted in a variety of formats including .pdf, .igs, .dxf, .par and SOLIDWORKS (*SLDPRT)

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