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24-Hour Production at Hemlock Substantially Reduces 'Cost Per Part'

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

CNC milling machine with robotic loading facility

HPC Services' sister company, Hemlock Engineering is now running 24-hour unmanned 'lights-out' production for high-volume small to medium-sized complex components at their CNC milling facility.

Recent investment in two Brother Speedio M200X3 5-axis vertical-spindle machining centres equipped with ABB Feedio robotic loading systems has transformed Hemlock's ability to offer extremely competitive pricing and improved lead-times through unmanned production. Automated conveyor loading and unloading of components has significantly reduced operator intervention in the manufacturing process enabling 24 hour, 'lights-out' production which means we spend more time cutting metal at a much more competitive price.

Each cell's enhanced efficiency and output has boosted our ability to deliver a rapid, cost effective CNC machining solution to our clients.

To find out how Hemlock can help you with your production requirements please Contact Us.



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