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Hemlock achieve 10 minute changeover for parts with the Feedio from Whitehouse Machine Tools

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

During a recent visit to our sister company Hemlock Engineering, Rowan Easter-Robinson of MTD CNC spoke to Rob Sinclair about the new Brother Feedio with ChipLite Software from Whitehouse Machine Tools. In this video Rob explains how the combination of machine and software has removed barriers to automation by allowing the changeover of one part to another in only 10 minutes, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

You can have a job up and running on the ChipLite software in ten minutes! Rob Sinclair - Hemlock Engineering

The machine tending system with computer vision not only allows the robot to pick up billets and components with ease but also enables programming of the robot to grab onto a rough billet from the top of the billet surface and then from the bottom for offloading on the machined surface to avoid damage. With grippers that are perfect for square parts, the system also works well with general rectangular or round billets. This machine cell and software is transforming Hemlock, with considerable cost savings and a 5-fold increase in productivity.... in fact, they are so impressed, that they look forward to the delivery of a second cell later this year!

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